Online Conference | The Exhibition as Interior

An online conference hosted by the Modern Interiors Research Centre, Kingston University London

Conference Programme:

10.00 Introduction

Session 1: Exhibition spaces as interiors

10.20 Jose Vela Castillo (IE University – Segovia and Madrid, Spain)

Interior Architecture, Where the Desire (for Modernity) May Live


10.30 Kateřina Štroblová (University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)

Heart of the City: Exhibition as Total Space


10.40 Lia Carreira (University of Southampton)

Exhibitions as Laboratories and the Office Work Stations of the 1990s


10.50 Trine Friis Sørensen (Aarhus University and Kunsthal Aarhus)

Negotiating the White Cube: Textile Interiors


11.00-11.30 Panel/Q & A

11.30-11.45 Break


Session 2: Exhibiting Interiors

11.45 Laura Ingianni Altmann (Art historian and curator, Munich, Germany)

The ‘Home and Technology’ Exhibition in Munich, 1928


11.55 Kate Hill (University of Lincoln)

‘Genuine Oak Beams and Rafters’: Historical Reconstructions in Museums,



12.05 Cvetka Požar and Maja Vardjan (Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana,


Model Apartments and New Culture of Living in Socialist Yugoslavia


12.15 Stefan Krämer (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Beyond the Period Room: Reframing the Interior as a Space for Diasporic Narratives


12.25 Ben Angwin (PhD candidate, Kingston University, London)

From ‘Ideal Home’ to Modern Art Exhibition: Revisiting the Exhibited Interiors of the

Omega Workshops


12.35 Ashley Paine (The University of Queensland, Australia)

A Window on the Museum: Reconstructing the Interiors of Frank Lloyd Wright


12.45-1.15 Panel/Q&A

1.15-2.15 Break


Session 3: Commercial interiors as exhibition spaces

2.15 Gina Leith (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

Work-watching: Exhibition as a Re-presentation of Existing Distillery Interiors


2.25 Stephanie Dieckvoss (PhD candidate, Kingston University, London)

The Hotel Room as Art fair Booth, as Interior, as Exhibition


2.35 Amy Graham (Sheffield Hallam University)

The Space of the Bus: Heritage Interpretation of the Urban Interior


2.45 Catriona Quinn (UNSW Sydney)

Interior Fantasy: Designing for Migrants in post-war Australia


2.55-3.25 Panel/Q&A

3.25 – 3.35 Break


Session 4: Residential interiors as exhibition spaces

3.35 Alejandro Campos Uribe (Architect)

The Interior, Exhibition of One’s Self: On Architecture, Collecting, and the Everyday


3.45 Senem Yildirim (New York University)

A Gallery That Does Not Exist: On Furmany Lane Artist Squat and Exhibiting Soviet Art



3.55 Imogen Hart (Independent scholar)

Craft Exhibitions as Interiors in Inter-war Britain


4.05 Karen Shelby (City University of New York)

Domestic Interiors and Exhibition Installaion: Jan Hoet’s ‘Chambre D’Amis’


4.15 Hans-Christian Jensen (University of Southern Denmark, Kolding)

Tangible Advice: A Home show in the Periphery of Danish Design in 1953


4.25 Gina Hochstein/Andrew Douglas (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)

In the Shadow of the Picture Window: A consideration of the Domestic as Counter-



4.35-5.00 Panel/Q&A

5.00 End


Please note that this event will take place entirely online. A link to the conference will be sent to attendees the week before the event.